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More than just treats.

The Happy Pops “why” begins with Louie – a sweet, 16.1 hands-high draft-cross gelding. Like many horses who end up at auction, Louie was purchased by a kill pen buyer in Louisiana. Kill pens run an ugly business where they either inhumanely ship horses out of the U.S. to be slaughtered, or they supplement their slaughter business by re-selling horses for more than the value of their meat. Fortunately, Louie was one of the lucky ones as his “bail” was thankfully paid by an equine rescue in Virginia Beach. Soon after, Louie became a part of our family.

At Happy Pops, an important part of our mission is to financially assist reputable equine and canine rescues who help animals like our Louie find the right home. Horses and dogs have a unique way of connecting with humans, and in doing so can change lives! We strive to create a product that you and your pet will love, so together we can do more for these amazing creatures and the families who should be so lucky to love one.

10% of every sale is donated to horse
& dog rescues.

Ten percent of Happy Pops sales are donated to our charity partners listed below. Each of these non-profit organizations work tirelessly to rescue, rehab and find fitting homes for dogs, horses and other deserving equines.

We are all so very grateful for your support!

Our Charity Partners

Your purchase of Happy Pops supports our charity partners!  

Click on their logos below to learn more about how these wonderful organizations are changing lives for so many horses and dogs, as well as their new humans.

At check out, you can also select which of our partners will receive the 10% donation from your purchase! 

We look forward to growing our list of rescue partners and doing more to help deserving animals like our Louie.