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Born in a barn.

In early 2018, a horse named Louie was rescued from a Louisiana kill pen by an equine rescue group in Virginia Beach. It didn’t take long for a volunteer there – our very own Kim Schmidt – to recognize how special Louie was. Adopted by the Schmidt family that May, brothers Merrill and Owen made it their mission to help save more equines like Louie from slaughter. Shortly thereafter, Happy Pops was literally…born in a barn.

Left: Louie's weight being checked by the vet upon his arrival at the rescue; Middle: Our muse and gentle giant lead by Merrill and ridden by Owen; Right: Louie relaxed and safe with his new family.

Since Louie’s adoption, Merrill and Owen have spent countless hours researching, developing, and growing Happy Pops into what it is today: a unique animal treat business dedicated to: creating tasty frozen treats that result in joyful interactions between animals and their people, supporting equine rescue, and helping you to SHARE YOUR HAPPY!